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---- Recarves ----

The Alphabet Sculpture becomes an underwater reef theme.

Via our "Re-Carve Packages" Team Sandtastic has the ability to bring a displaying sand sculpture back to the performance art stage for a new life.



Here is a recarve from the reef scene to the Redwings Octopi.

Notice the same basic shapes of sand.

Sculptures can be completely re-carved or simply re-themed via small additions.

[ An example of re-theming would be to sculpt santa hats on characters. ]

One of the benefits of recarves is the fixed costs of the sand and sand box are already paid for.

Many of our recarves receive more media attention than the initial carve.


Our Rainforest sculpture was transformed into a Back-to-School sculpture of Knowledge icons.


You can get quotes, date availability, and answers to sand sculpting questions via e-mail sent to:

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