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Do note... it's spelled Team Sandtastic.. with a "d"

---- Display Sculptures ----

Events range from our "Table-Top" sculptures on up to

Guinness World Records and 1500 ton "walk-through" sand sculptures.

Medieval Castle / 6 Flags

The marketing value of Professional Sand Sculpture is that it is as much a performance art as it is a display art.

By accurately coordinating the timing of our logistics we achieve the maximum media splash.

Coral Reef

Under water themes are one of our specialties.

Try these links for a look at other themes, tonnage's, and display ideas...

Click to view Table-Tops Table-Tops
Click to view 15 ton events 15 tons
Click to view 25 ton events 25 tons
Click to view 50 ton events 50 tons
Click to view 75 ton events 75 tons
Click to view 100 ton events 100 tons
Click to view 200+ ton events 125 to 200+ tons

Click to view Misc. & Guinness World Record Miscellaneous/Guinness

Aladdin's castle & Magic Lamp

New movie releases are a great theme for sand sculptures.

Above is a photo of an "Aladdin's Castle & Magic Lamp" theme created out of 75 tons of sand.

Below is our event for National Geographic.

It was the World Debut of their first venture into IMAX films called Mysteries of Egypt.

Read what was said about it in Destination Cinema magazine.

National Geographic / IMAX - Mysteries of Egypt


We hope you enjoy your visit and
maybe something catches your eye and sparks an idea...

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