Wedding & Proposal Sand Sculptures

Wedding Sand Sculptures and Sand Castles


A Wedding Sand Sculpture /TeePee & Fire Pit

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Wedding & Proposal Sand Sculpture Dolphin

Wedding & Proposal Sand Sculpture Dolphin



A Wedding Sand Sculpture

Wedding & Proposal Sand Sculpture Dolphin


A Wedding Sand Castle

Wedding Sand Castle


A Table-Top Wedding Sand Sculpture

Wedding & Proposal Sand Sculpture Dolphin


A Beach Wedding on

Treasure Island, Florida


Wedding & Proposal Sand Scultpures Ring



A Wedding/Proposal Sand Sculpture with Eiffel Tower

He always promised to propose in front of the Eiffel Tower..

Wedding & Proposal SAnd Scultpure Eiffel Tower



A Wedding Sand Logo Sculpture

These kissing fish we're the image on invites and napkins, etc...

Wedding Logo in Sand



A Proposal Sand Castle

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Proposal Sand Sculpture Beach

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A Wedding Sand Castle

Icons can be made specific to the couple...

Wedding & Proposal Sand Caslte Fisherman



A Wedding Reception Sand Sculpture

Shells were the theme of the whole affair...

Wedding & Proposal Sand Sculpture Conch Shell



A Proposal Sand Sculpture on Miami's South Beach

At the unique & artsy Sagamore Hotel...

Married on the Beach



A Beach Wedding Sand Sculpture

Walkway icons... a lighthouse as backdrop for the ceremony...

Weddings on the Beach with Sand Sculpture



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Fill in the name______



A Wedding Sand Sculpture

It was on the beach in Key Biscayne.
The bride was from New York City and the groom was from Pueblo, Mexico.
We did a marriage of icons from their two cities.
NYC skyline, Brooklyn Bridge, Rockefeller Center sculpture, and the entrance arch to Washington Square Park represented New York.
Adobe houses, a ceremonial wedding hat, a traditional vase and symbols represented Pueblo.
Quite a popular photo op for the couple and all the guests throughout the evening.

Wedding & Proposal Sand Sculpture with New York & Pueblo icons. Made in Miami


Crafted for the Wedding Day tv show.

A wedding sand sculpture with a butterfly theme.

It was on the beach, under a tent, at the Trump International.

Wedding Day Sand Sculpture Butterfly. Made at Trump in Maimi






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