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---- Windscreen ----

Larry puts on a coat.


Our final sand sculptures are free of wood formwork.

Indoors they can display indefinitely.
Outdoor projects under a tent can also display as long as the client would like.

Should our client choose to go without the tent, we have the ability to prepare the sculpture with a spray that can increase the display time dramatically.

It is necessary to have a window of time without rain to sculpt, spray, and have the windscreen dry.

This can be accomplished by crafting the sand sculpture under a tent, preparing it for the weather, and then taking the tent off.

We've come up with some crafty ways to protect sculptures when need be...

We also sculpt differently when we know our client's goal includes longevity.

There are grooves or "wash paths" that can be worked into the design that help channel water off of the sand sculpture quickly.


You can get quotes, date availability, and answers to sand sculpting questions via e-mail sent to:

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