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To give you a little information on myself & Team Sandtastic:

I started sculpting sand 24 years ago, competing in the Sand-Blast, a sand sculpture contest held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where I grew up. The past 16 years professional sand & snow sculpture has been my primary occupation, taking myself and/or my team to many Caribbean islands, Hawaii, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, the MidEast and all throughout the United States creating projects that cause extensive media coverage & foot traffic for our clients. Shopping centers, conventions, fairs, festivals, and theme parks have been our staple clients... but throughout the years there have also been some singularly unique sculptures such as a castle and sand sculpted platform used as the site for a couple's wedding and one where 200 guests had dinner "inside" it's walls.

I've won the title "World Champion" by coming in first place in the World Championship Sand Sculpture Competition held in British Columbia, Canada.

Titles also held by myself and the team are: First Places at The American Sand Sculpting Festival, The Myrtle Beach Open, The Southeast US Championships, and others.

In July of 1998, for Georgia Stone Mountain Park, Team Sandtastic created the tallest sand castle ever hand built in under 100 manhours and holds that current Guinness World Record. It stands at 28 feet 7 and 1/4 inch.


Sand is a dynamic art medium... we can bring a little or we can bring a lot.

Thus the size of the team sent to carve it will vary according to the performance art time requested by our client and the intricacy of design.

Team Sandtastic's four core sculptors can be complimented by associates we draw on from all across the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Germany, and Switzerland.


All we use is sand and water, no cement or fixatives are mixed in. The sand is compacted into wood forms at first, but all forms are removed as the sand within is sculpted from the top, down.

We use many different tools to carve: margin trowels, spreaders, cake decorator spatulas... even dental instruments for the real detail stuff.

We never create the exact same sculpture twice.


Team Sandtastic

Team Sandtastic is based out of Sarasota, Florida and creates 50 to 60 sculptures a year.

With four full time sculptors & many associates, we create the highest quality sand sculptures worldwide.

We were very proud to be chosen as Walt Disney World's "Disney Institute" sand sculpting team. Sandtastic sculptors taught a "team-building" type program of professional sand sculpture at the Institute that was rewarded with the highest of reviews.

We can bring this well received, hands-on experience to any event via our "Professional Sand Sculpture Clinic[sm]" packages. Clinics can be formatted for children, families, and adults and to run from 20 minutes up to four hours. Call for more of the specific benefits to having your guests or corporate teams go "hands-on" learning the "tips, tricks, tools, and techniques" of professional sand sculpture alongside a world-class sculptor.

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Team Sandtastic Clients include:

and numerous fairs, festivals, flower shows, home shows, museums, aquariums, Zoos, CVB's, real estate co's, news papers, chambers of commerce, and shopping centers around the world.

You can get quotes, date availability, and answers to sand sculpting questions via e-mail sent to:

Team Sandtastic's e-mail

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(941) 359-0868

or write:
Mark Mason 509 Sapphire Drive Sarasota, Florida 34234-2720 USA

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